Conveyancing – the new way

Conveyancing – the new way

With the world of electronic conveyancing fast approaching we have decided to revamp our pricing structure and to pass on the benefits to our customers.

As of today we will provide the following:

  1. Vendors statements and draft Contracts of Sale for Victoria residential sales within 24 hours to your agent.
  2. Draft Contracts for residential sales in New South Wales within 5 days or earlier with Copy Title and Plan, Section 149 and sewerage plan (dependent on NSW certificate issuing)

The best part of all of this is our new pricing; a fixed price for costs at $750.00 plus gst for your sale or your purchase together with out of pocket expenses for your certificates.

Conveyancing information and documentation will be provided to you via email. It will be very soon when electronic signatures will be the norm and settlements will be done online.

If you are thinking of subdividing then we can do a great deal for that too. Your surveyor uses the electronic Spear system, we get your finance providers consent, draft and lodge the application at the Land Titles Office and its all good to go. Contracts for sale done, agents working its all happening

Come and join with us as we move into the new world. If you are selling have your agent email us and we will deliver direct to them and copy to you. If you are buying and want a contract review email the paperwork and we will guide you through the information at no extra cost.

Our savings now become your savings how good is that?

Want to know more give me a call