Running your business is a complex matter, staff contracts, the national employment standards, work cover, business insurance and wrong full dismissal. In small business it is nearly impossible to keep up with the changing Laws and employee rights.

The worst you can do when facing difficult bisiness decisions, either personally or as a company director, is to ignore the issue. Obtaining professional advice early about your legal rights and options may help mitigate loss and increase the chances of financial recovery.

We have significant experience in employment law, insurance law, debt recovery and corporate insolvency matters and can provide considered, practical advice in these areas. If you have staff issues, contract disputes with suppliers are dealing with, or in business with companies or individuals, our advice can make a substantial difference to the outcome of the matter.

We can assist with:

  • Wrongfull dismissal claims
  • Employment contracts
  • Court Appearances and Litigatuion
  • Insurance advice and;
  • Debt recovery

 For all Employment Law issues contact Louise Day at [email protected] or mobile 0419 568 590

Debt recovery

Sustaining a business without regular cashflow is not possible and a business that has not been paid for goods or services delivered is at a significant disadvantage. Businesses need a practical, commercial approach to debt recovery that minimises further loss and provides quick, effective solutions so owners and staff can get back to doing what makes their business great.

To identify the most suitable process to recover a debt and avoid throwing good money after bad, an informed decision must be made, which will usually take into consideration:

  • the correct identity and nature of the debtor – whether an individual, partnership, company
  • the amount owed and how long it has been outstanding
  • whether the debt is disputed and, if so, the reason claimed for non-payment
  • the solvency of the debtor and the likelihood of the debtor being able to satisfy a judgement in favour of the creditor
  • whether there is industry-specific legislation relevant to pursuing the debt
  • What contractual arrangement have you made with the debtor and do you have the ABN and correct corporate details

We will assess your circumstances and provide strategic debt recovery advice suited to your situation, whether that be by an initial letter of demand, the issue of a statutory demand under the Corporations Act 2001, negotiating with the debt and entering into an agreement to pay by instalments, or through court proceedings.

Our principal has significant experience in debt collections and recoveries and has been the owner and manager of Target Collections Australia Pty Ltd which provided a full range of collections services. If you want help with no surprises, then please contact us.

If you need assistance, contact one of our lawyers at [email protected] or call 03 5747 8251 for expert legal advice.